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About Us

CBA Power Technology establish from team of expertises in Medium and High voltage of electrical power, with experience more than 15 years joint MV & HV Cable accessories.

CBA we provide completed of products, Project and services including maintenance of electrical power for industries, utility and real estate etc. We started in the trading and service business, supplying electrical equipment and accessories to the power utilities, industrial and contractors, consequently, We also designed some products used in the distribution system, and sub-contracted the production of these to qualified local manufacturers. These products have been very successful in this business segment. We have increased the business scope by focusing on sub-contracting in the area of production system, engineering, testing and supplies.

CBA we are certified from ABB AB in Sweden to work for install termination and cable joint of Kabeldon product MV & HV from 3.3 kV up to 245 kV and we also certified training of Kabeldon products in Thailand.

Electrical Service

CBA Power Technology, Customer Service is offering wide range of maintenance services to industrial customers up to total maintenance contracts including customers up to total maintenance contracts including the total responsibility of management, development and execution of maintenance in a plant

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